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Two Eggs, Please

Two eggs, please. - Sarah Weeks, Betsy Lewin

In Two Eggs, Please, the setting is a diner.  Each page is a different animal ordering a plate of eggs but cooked differently than each other.  Every time someone orders their egg a different way, a thought bubble pops up that says "different".  In the end, the cook is cracking the eggs.  When he prepares them he says "different".   When he cracks the egg to pour into the pan he says "the same".  This is a wonderful story about how ,while we may be different on the outside, we are all the same on the inside.  This would be a wonderful "ice breaker" book.  It would be great for kindergarten to second grade.


A great activity would be to have each child draw a picture of something about them that makes them different, like their hair color or their skin color.  Then, they could do an activity where they find things with classmates they have in common to share with the class.